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Students and Residents

Here at Surfside Non-Surgical Orthopedics we train Doctors at all levels of training. We receive zero payment for training students and resident physicians. We give our time and knowledge freely.

Dr. Chapman has been an Assistant Professor at multiple medical schools for over twelve years and as his reputation for excellence has grown, he was approached by local hospitals to help train their Internal Medicine and Family Medicine residents in Osteopathic Manipulation and Sports Medicine. So you may see Residents from Wellington Region Medical Center and Lakeside Medical Center during your visit. Please remember, residents are trained, licensed physicians who have chosen to further their training in a medical specialty. What patients don’t often see happening in the background is how all patient charts are reviewed with residents prior to them seeing patients and recommendations made. After the residents see the patient, they present the case to the attending physician who then makes the final call on the patient’s care. Residents are not just “cut loose” on patients. One of the benefits to patients is having two or three physicians considering their medical care.

There is a long tradition in medicine of this mentorship approach. It is really where you learn medicine, not in the textbooks. It is our civic responsibility as physicians to train the next generation. All Doctors were trained this way and we all have fond memories of doctors and patients that helped us along our way. We physicians are aware that it can be awkward for a patient to not initially see their favorite doctor. So the doctors, students, and residents are all extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn that seeing patients offer.

Of course, any patient can refuse to see a resident physician, but we ask that you give these physicians a chance to hone their craft. Remember, that all your favorite doctors were once the unknown new face coming into the room to examine a patient.