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Medical Marijuana FAQ

Q. Am I a candidate for Medical Marijuana?
A. Please see our Medical Marijuana under the services tab on the front page of this website.

Q. Is Medical Marijuana legal in Florida?
A. Yes, since January 2017.

Q. What forms does Medical Marijuana come in?
A. Presently it comes in oil that is used under the tongue, a topical cream, and vaporization pens. There is talk of future edibles or flower but they are not presently available.

Q. Can you legally smoke pot with a Medical Marijuana card?
A. No. The Medical Marijuana card may only be used with state approved delivery devices and products.

Q. Does Medical Marijuana get you “high” or prevent me from functioning?
A. No. The idea is to preserve function, not to impair it. The THC (the psychoactive components of marijuana) levels in Medical Marijuana are much lower than recreational marijuana.

Q. Am I too old to use Medical Marijuana?
A. No. Typically most Medical Marijuana patients tend to be older due to the increased prevalence of pathology as we age and the decreased ability to tolerate stronger traditional pharmaceutical medications.

Q. Can I take Medical Marijuana with my other medications?
A. Of course all your medication will be reviewed for interactions but there are no know major drug interactions.

Q. What are the most common side effects of Medical Marijuana?
A. The most common side effect is a relaxing or mildly sedating feeling which often can be of benefit to patients who sleep is affected by their medical condition.

Q. I have a sensitive stomach. Will Medical Marijuana make me nauseous or upset my stomach?
A. Typically no. Medical Marijuana is actually used to treat nausea associated with certain medical conditions.

Q. Can I smoke Medical Marijuana?
A. No. The closest to smoking would be to use a vaporization (Vape) pen. However, I only use Vape pens in patients that require very rapid onset of the Medical Marijuana like seizure patients or those with panic attacks. I do not like to put anything into the lungs unless absolutely necessary.

Q. How quick are the effects of Medical Marijuana felt?
A. Typically, oral Medical Marijuana has a 45-90 minute onset and last about 6-8 hours. Whereas, Vape pens have and onset of seconds to minutes but last a much shorter time depending on dose and physiology. Typically in the 1-2 hour range.

Q.  How long does it take to get Medical Marijuana?
A. Please refer to our full page on Medical Marijuana but typically it takes about eight weeks from the time the patient sends in their application but lately patients have been receiving in about two weeks.

Q. I don’t use email or a computer. Can I still get Medical Marijuana?
A. No. Your email is used for communication and registration by the State of Florida. A caregiver would be required to help a patient if they don’t use a computer. An email is still mandatory.

Q. How often is Medical Marijuana taken?
A. Typically, it is three times a day every day. Now-and–then dosing has not been shown to be effective.

Q. Do I have to have doctor visit every time I get a Medical Marijuana refill?
A. Only until a patient is stable. Once stable on a dose then a maximum of four months’ supply can be written.

Q. I have legal questions about Medical Marijuana. Who can I speak with?
A. I recommend an attorney that specializes in Medical Marijuana. I use a local attorney named Peter Pocaro Esq. His phone number is (772)-349-7134.

Q. I have more questions about Medical Marijuana where do I go?
A. After reading our Medical Marijuana page then further questions can be directed to the Medical Marijuana Registry.  The phone number is (800)-808-9580. The website is